Share your story thanking a meal maker in
your life for the chance to win up to $25,000.


Grand prize and first prize winners will be judged by the administrator based on the following criteria:   Authenticity (25%), Contextual Relevance (25%), Audience Appeal (25%), Quality of Video (15%) Vote Count (10%).

Each week, 5 winners receive a $75 gift card.

Authenticity. The story is conveyed in a manner, which evokes emotion, serving as an inspirational/motivational tool for the viewer.

Contextual Relevance. The video is relevant and appropriate to the indicated theme.

Audience Appeal. The video is family friendly, attractive and resonates among a larger audience, increasing the propensity for sharing.

Quality of Video. The submission pieces capture the essence of the contest in an impactful way.

Vote Count. Voting is limited to one vote per video daily and 5 videos per voting session.

Time Limit. Video length maximum is 1 minute.